Commercial Real Estate Signs & Realtor Signs

In our age of technology and online searching, Real Estate Signs continue to be one of best marketing strategies for businesses and real estate agents. Signs can promote any “For Sale” properties and the agents selling them with unique images and styles to help stand out among the rest. Realtor Signs are a way potential buyers can contact the agent with questions, or to help buyers broaden their housing prospects. A yard “For Sale” sign may not seem like it has a large impact on interest, but it is a simple and often cheap marketing tactic to show a property is for sale.

Why Real Estate Signs Are a Useful Marketing Strategy

With so many ways to advertise houses for sale or open houses, it seems like Commercial Real Estate Signs are a largely unnecessary expense. There are banners, flyers, postcards, and online listings to advertise and let people know of open houses and new listings. Despite these new methods, Realtor Signs continue to be a good method to reach audiences. Neighbors in the same area as the property may not look online for listings in their neighborhood. With a sign in the front yard, neighbors can call friends looking for a house and let them know.

Real Estate Signs also catch buyers who might not search in that neighborhood online. So even though they missed the listing during their Internet Searching, they are now aware of the house and passes the online search entirely. This can allow the home to sell in a shorter time frame than online.

In addition to reaching a broader audience than with just online listings and advertisements, Realtor Signs are cheap and can often be used multiple times. Signs made from corrugated plastic can withstand the elements, so there is no need to worry about that passing storm destroying the sign and needing it replaced. These signs are made to endure any scrapes, bumps, or wear and tear from being outdoors, and can be placed indoors for open houses.

Aluminum signs are another option for realtors. These Commercial Real Estate Signs do not rust and help attract potential home buyers. They provide a long-lasting and durable option for realtors looking for signs that appear more professional than their corrugated plastic counterparts.

Make a Real Estate Sign Stand Out

When buying Commercial Real Estate Signs, certain concerns are more important than others. The signs should stand out and help bring in potential buyers. It can be tough to know what a Real Estate Sign needs to bring in buyers, but the tips below can help get an idea of what any Realtor Sign needs to develop an effective sign.

  • Add QR Code to the house’s listing on the sign. This will allow smartphone users to scan the code and get more information on the house quickly.
  • Make sure the sign has a simple design but draws passerby’s attention. It is important to keep in mind how the sign will be viewed from a car, with eye-catching colors that contrast each other well and make the intended message and contact phone or email easy to read from a distance.
  • The sign should have basic and important information on it, including the agent’s name/agency logo, whether the location is an open house, for sale, or for lease, and a website or phone number of prospective buyers can get more information.
  • Have an image on there to help strike interest and bring a more personal level to Realtor Signs. This image can be professional, funny, but be sure it conveys the idea clearly.
  • Have a call to action on the sign. Whether the Commercial Real Estate Sign encourages the viewer to visit the website, call the agent, or go inside for an open house, a way to find out more information should be present.

Once the design for the Real Estate Signs has been decided, they should be placed in a noticeable location. It is a good idea to place the sign away from shrubs, bushes, or trees to ensure maximum visibility, and have signs placed at the entrances of the neighborhood – just be sure these signs comply with homeowner’s association rules and the local city regulations. It can be tempting to put many of the signs close together, but this can take away some of the appeal of the house.

The technological advances of the past few decades have given the idea that Commercial Real Estate Signs are not needed in the process of advertising and selling homes, but this could not be further from the truth. These signs still provide a method to reach buyers who might not otherwise know a property is being sold. Real Estate Signs continue to be a noticeable and effective emblem of real estate that people looking to purchase a home can easily recognize and search for.