Why You Need Custom Car Decals & Vinyl Signs

A car is something you likely take with you everywhere. Whether it be the grocery store, work, picking up the kids from school, or heading to the gym, it is likely you use your car. No matter the reason, you could be missing out on a great advertising chance by not utilizing your vehicle. Custom Car Decals can change your car from another among the rest to an advertisement for any event or business opportunity.

Car decals, sometimes called car stickers or car graphics, can be letters, images, or graphics that are printed onto a self-adhesive vinyl material to be placed on any type of vehicle. These Custom Car Graphics can be used to advertise businesses – with names, logos, products, and contact information – or show off your favorite sports team, band, franchise, or something you find humorous. There are many uses for Custom Vinyl Signs for Cars, with the added benefit of placing them and forgetting about them. But maybe you have some questions about decals, and which one might work best for you.

Q – Why Should I get a Custom Car Decal or Graphic?

A – Car decals are great for customizing your car but having one custom-made can bring a special flair that other cars will not have, whether it is for your business or to express yourself. Creating a Custom Car Graphic can be fun as well, letting your mind go wild with what you want it to look like on your cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

Q – Where can I apply Custom Car Decals?

A – You can apply any Custom Vinyl Sign for Cars anywhere on your vehicle. From doors to windows, or bumpers and even on windshields.

Q – Will the painted surfaces of my vehicle be harmed?

A – Not at all! So long as your car has not had a poor-quality paint job, the graphic will be unlikely to remove paint or compromise the chemistry. But do keep in mind, if you intend to place a Custom Car Graphic on a painted area of your car, it can leave a different kind of mark. If you place a decal on a painted area and remove it years later, the paint underneath your decal can look newer and brighter compared to the rest of the vehicle – where the paint may have faded over time.

Q – How long can a Custom Car Decal last?

A – Most decals will last about 2 or 3 years outside, but the graphics can be adversely affected by

  • Sun – This is probably the biggest offender. The sun can cause the vinyl and the print to fade, and direct sunlight on cheaper decals can cause them to pull away.
  • Rain – While rain, wind, or snow themselves might not threaten the graphics on your cars, chemicals can harm them. Some laminates protect decals from the likes of gasoline or a paint thinner, but the laminate is unlikely to stand up against MEKs or lacquer thinners.
  • Saltwater – Unless you live near the ocean, this one is a nonissue. If you do live near the ocean, you can get your Custom Vinyl Signs for Cars laminated with a special saltwater resistant laminate.

If you’re looking for some flair for your vehicle, consider getting a Custom Car Graphic. Not only can they be fun to look at, but they are one of the most versatile advertising options out there. Or if you’re looking to add a bit of fun to your vehicle, getting a decal can help transform your car without dropping lots of money to get it re-sprayed.