Why You Should Use Real Estate Sign Riders

In our world of technology where you can search what you want and get more than enough results, physical methods of selling, such as open houses, might not seem like they do much. Why hold an open house when a buyer can go online to see photos and floorplans? Open houses are great to bring awareness to an open home, particularly buyers who may not have searched in that specific neighborhood. Part of advertising the open house will be the signs, but Real Estate Sign Riders can be a great way to help advertise the event.

Real Estate Sign Riders – Why Use Them?

Between Real Estate Yard Signs and Open House Signs, it can be easy to think those are all that is needed to help sell the house, but this is not true. Sign riders, a small sign that attaches underneath, on top of, or next to the main sign, can help add extra information in a non-intrusive fashion.

These Sign Riders can have different information on them, most commonly a phone number, information like if the house has a pool, or an open house. These signs also tend to be cheaper and much easier to switch out than a full sign, saving money and effort! Sign Riders to not detract from the important information on the main sign either, which is always a plus. Some worthwhile information to place on a sign rider can include:

  • For Sale/For Lease/Sold
  • Open House
  • Book a Showing
  • Hot Tub/Pool
  • Fully Renovated
  • New Kitchen
  • The Agent’s Name/Company
  • Phone Number

The biggest benefit of attaching a sign rider to Real Estate Yard Signs is how much they help with the marketing efforts. If a sign in the yard has no information on who to contact, people need to actively hunt down the online listing – if they even recall the house! Having a Real Estate Sign Rider with a phone number or the agent’s name helps interested buyers call without needing to put in that extra effort.

How do these signs help with the Open House?

Making the decision to host an open house is easy but knowing when and how to market it is a different matter. Everyone knows to look for Real Estate Yard Signs, but keeping the signs close to where the open house is being held can restrict who sees them. Placing Open House Signs at the major entrances to a neighborhood can help bring in buyers who may not live in the area. Keep in mind to place the signs about 10 feet in front of the turn into the neighborhood, otherwise interested people could miss the turn entirely. While guiding these guests to the event, see if it is possible to add directional signs in. Real Estate Sign Riders are great for this purpose, as they can help give directions without making a sign look crowded.

When it comes to placing the signs down, keep the rules of the city and the Homeowner’s Association in mind. The rules can extend from the number of signs that can be placed, how long they can stay up, and what type of signs are allowed and breaking these rules can result in the signs being removed unexpectedly, or the homeowner where the open house is being held receiving fines. If, while placing the Open House Signs, one needs to go in a neighbor’s yard, be sure to ask them first. This is also a great chance to let them know about the event and invite them to stop by the open house.

When it comes to selling a house, it can be easy to throw the listing online and call it a day, but by utilizing Real Estate Yard Signs and associated sign riders to advertise the property and an open house, more people can become aware of the house and help it sell faster. Having sturdy Open House Signs can help against the elements and serve multiple uses, so be sure to get a quote today for your open house!