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We take pride in our ability to serve high-quality, long-lasting, Campaign Signs. When purchasing political signs online you want to ensure that they can withstand any weather, and get the most out of your money. Our signs are printed standard on 4 mil corrugated plastic, being flexible, lightweight, and easy to set up while maintaining durability. You can expect our signs to last between 12 and 18 months outside, and even longer indoors. We have been creating Political Signs since 1994, so when you buy through Vinyltech Signs, you aren’t just getting a product but also our expertise.

We understand how important having effective Campaign Signs is when attracting potential voters. To do this, all standard print colors are available, with Pantone Matching Systems (PMS) color matching available for $25.00 per color. We offer our Campaign Signs in sizes 6″x24” up to 48”x96”. Step stakes are used for our yard signs up to 18″x24″. The flutes must be vertical for wire step stakes to work. Contact us at (365) 358-0795 for more information and get your Campaign Signs created today.



In the majority of political races voters have very little information about the candidates that are running, and who they want to vote for. Unless it is a high-profile political race that is covered by the media, recognizing a candidates name is one of the largest deciding factors at the polls. Campaign teams and our staff understand the importance of Campaign Signs and how it increases your chance of winning. Without needing the budget for large amounts of air time, Campaign Yard Signs, Custom T Shirts, & Vinyl Banners provide a budget-friendly solution to get a candidates name out there.

While campaigns and elections are becoming more of a digital fight, Political Signs continue providing an important role in success. These signs show up in yards, and cars have bumper stickers dedicated to their candidate. Campaign Signs provide name recognition, a crucial step in obtaining votes. Whether the sign needs a catchy slogan or a special design including a color picture of a candidate, we can handle all of your Campaign Sign needs. 

Campaign Signs are printed standard on 4 mil corrugated plastic. It is flexible and lightweight but durable. It is weather resistant and can be used for outdoor and indoor signage. It will last 12-18 months outside.

All standard print colors are available, Pantone Matching Systems (PMS) color matching is $25.00 per color.

  • Sizes available 6” x 24” up to 48” x 96”
  • Corrugated plastic standard color is white
  • Yellow is available with a 7% upcharge
  • Flutes MUST BE vertical for use with wire
    step stakes
  • 6” x 24” up to 24” x 36” signs can be used with step stakes
  • 24” x 36” signs can be used with two step stakes
  • Step stakes & frames not included in pricing