Magnetic Car Signs

Do you need Magnetic Car Signs for your trucks, cars, or vans to represent your company? Our easily applied or removed Custom Car Magnets are the perfect solution for switching between multiple vehicles, or just peace of mind knowing it isn’t permanent. All of our Magnetic Car Signs are made with .30” white weather resistant magnetic material, with your choice of any of our standard colors. Our Magnetic Vehicle Signs are fully weather-resistant and adherent, even at high speeds.

Custom Car Magnets are optimal when you want to make a huge impression for a low cost. Your vehicles are being driven around all day, and what better way to advertise than with your vehicle while you are driving from job to job? Have thousands of potential customers see you just by driving around town! This is exactly why we use high quality, long lasting material, so when you are seen by a potential customer, you look as good as possible.

Want to boast or brag about your sports team or local event? Magnetic Vehicle Signs & Custom Printed Vehicle Wraps are also great for you! No matter what message you want to get across Custom Car Magnets advertise to the most people, for the lowest price. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or contact us via email, we enjoy helping.

Prices Below are For Each Magnetic

Sizes and Pricing

Mini Mags - VM54

5" x 4"

Qty.4 Colors

Magnetic Signs - VM1218

12" x 18"

Qty.1 Color2 Colors4 Colors

Magnetic Signs - VM1224

12" x 24"

Qty.1 Color2 Colors4 Colors