Real Estate Signs

Our Real Estate Signs are designed to be long-lasting while retaining their high-quality. It is important Realtor Signs be visible, weather resistant and durable for outdoor and indoor use, so make sure you’re getting the best for your money. Our signs are printed on a 4 mil corrugated plastic, with flexibility and durability in mind while remaining lightweight. Signs are also available in aluminum and PVC plastic, call for more details. Our outdoor and indoor signs can last between 12-18 months outside, and longer indoors. With our expertise in creating Real Estate Signs & other custom vinyl signs since 1994, buying through VinylTech Signs means buying our expertise, not just a product.

Realtor Signs – Commercial Real Estate Signs

The internet has changed how marketing real estate works, but one of the tried and true methods continues to be Commercial Real Estate Signs. For most home buyers, a Real Estate Sign will be the first impression they receive, making customizable and eye-catching designs with relevant information important in changing onlookers into potential buyers. At VinylTech Signs, we work to make sure the first impression from Realtor Signs are long lasting and worthwhile. And with sign frames, step stakes, or wooden stakes the signs are ready to install on any property. Once the house is sold, it’s easy to remove the sign and prepare it to stand at the next available property.

We understand how important having effective Real Estate Signs are in attracting potential buyers. To do this, all standard print colors are available, with Pantone Matching Systems (PMS) color matching available for $25.00 per color. Just like our Campaign Signs, our Realtor Signs offer sizes from 6”x24” up to 24”x36”, and can be used with step stakes. 24”x36” signs can use dual step stakes, and the flutes must be vertical for wire step stakes to work. Make sure your Commercial Real Estate Signs bring in buyers, contact us at (365) 358-0795 for more information and get your political Vinyl Signs created today.

  • Sign frames or step stake sizes available 6”x24” up to 48” x 96″
  • Wooden glued and drilled stakes available 6″x24″ up to 24″x36″
  • Corrugated plastic standard color is white
  • Yellow is available with a 7% upcharge
  • Flutes MUST BE vertical for use with wire step stakes
  • 6”x24” up to 24”x36” signs can be used with step stakes
  • 24”x36” signs can be used with two step stakes
  • Step stakes, wooden stakes & frames not included in pricing

Real Estate Signs are printed standard on 4 mil corrugated plastic. It is flexible and lightweight but durable. It is weather resistant and can be used for outdoor and indoor signage. It will last 12-18 months outside.
(available at an additional cost is aluminum and PVC plastic, call for pricing).
All standard print colors are available, Pantone Matching Systems (PMS) color matching is $25.00 per color.

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